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Professional Security Solutions that are Honest, Fair, and Always There in Cleveland, OH.

Protecting your Northeast Ohio property is a must these days, so we’ve made it our passion to provide Smart Security to our region with a level of excellence, professionalism, and integrity that is unparalleled in the security field.

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Alibi PTZ Camera, Provision Smart Security, Cleveland, OH

Protecting your employees, assets, and bottom line

Cleveland, OH businesses need the right kind of security system to give them protection. Our custom systems work for any business. 

Business Security Solutions
Alibi Bullet Camera, Provision Smart Security, Cleveland, OH

Protecting your parishioners and place of worship

Churches, schools, and other organizations can benefit from our custom Cleveland, OH security systems and the protection that they provide.

Church Security Solutions

"I am highly recommending this company! Very punctual clean friendly and completed the job in a very excellent time frame. The gentleman were quick, very professional and knowledgeable.

- Shyamprasad G.

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Why Choose Provision Smart Security

Our 3 year warranty covers all equipment we sell, allowing you to invest in a security system with the confidence that you deserve. Our solutions are always the latest in Smart Technology, and you will never have to worry about buying something that will fall apart on you or lose functionality before its time.

Every security system is custom designed for our clients. This means that you don’t get a cookie cutter system – every home, business, or nonprofit property gets a system that is specifically designed for it and its needs. We measure true ‘Value’ as the balance between cost and quality, and find the absolute perfect value for every customer of every budget size.

Unlike the national companies, we are instantly available when you need us and understand the particular needs of Northeast Ohio families and businesses. While still partnering with national providers for the sake of excellence in product, you get the best that the national brands have to offer while keeping your business local and personal.

Every time you contact us, you speak to a real person who is ready and able to help you resolve any issue you may have. You shouldn’t have to spend hours on hold or end up talking to an automated system, and we make sure you get the respect you deserve.

We proudly stand behind every Smart Security Solution we sell and will be there to answer any questions that may arise along the way. Until an issue is resolved, and you have a firm grasp on how to operate the system properly, we will be there day and night to serve you.

Industries We Serve

Different types of Cleveland, OH properties need different security solutions. Our team delivers security solutions for virtually any kind of property, no matter the size or the scope of the security need.


Residential Security Solutions

Protect your home from intruders, theft, and property damage with our home security camera systems. Provision Smart Security has the perfect home surveillance systems and offer exceptional services.

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Business Security Solutions

Whether you manage a single office building, a campus consisting of several buildings, or a network including multiple locations requiring centralized management, we have the perfect business security solutions for you.

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Free Expert Assessment
Every Property and Security Project is Unique. We provide a free walk through of your property with a security professional who can hear your goals for the system, add their own expert advise, and come up with a clear vision that can accomplish every objective in the most comprehensive and cost-effective manner possible.

People Doing a Walkthrough, Provision Smart Security, Cleveland, OH
Team Planning Design, Provision Smart Security, Cleveland, OH

Custom System Design
Now that we know what you need, we can custom design your security system to meet those needs perfectly. We’ll present a proposal of this vision that is honest, fair, and the lowest price in the market- guaranteed!


Installation and Training
Our professional team will provide full installation for your entire system, followed by training on the hardware and software. When we leave, you’ll be able to use your system exactly the way a pro would.

Technician Installing System, Provision Smart Security, Cleveland, OH
Man on Phone, Provision Smart Security, Cleveland, OH

Warranties and Support
We stand firmly behind everything that we do. That’s why we offer a full 3 year warranty on ALL equipment we sell as well as a 1 year comprehensive maintenance guarantee. And if a problem should arise, we take pride in offering direct one on one support that is fast and effective.

Provision Smart Security Helps Protect the People of Northeast OH

10% Discount to anyone living in the Slavic Village community of Cleveland, OH
10% Discount to any Church, ministry, outreach, or nonprofit

Case Study Title

Case Study Subtitle

Gas Station, Provision Smart Security, Cleveland, OH

Hitesh was the owner of multiple convenience stores in the Painesville, OH area. Such stores can be the target of crimes due to their late hours and lack of staff.

Camera Installation, Provision Smart Security, Cleveland, OH

We wanted to come in and give Hitesh an integrated solution that could be viewed and managed seamlessly from both mobile and web interfaces in the comfort of his own home. Others had tried to take advantage of Hitesh in the past, so we spent a significant amount of time from the outset simply listening to Hitesh’s needs and concerns in order to help him begin getting used to a company that actually cares about his best interests rather than our own profit margins.

Man at Home Looking at Security Camera, Provision Smart Security, Cleveland, OH

We provided Hitesh with Professional-Grade Alibi DVR’s and Surveillance Cameras at a price that had him inviting us over for dinner. Today, Hitesh can view 64 cameras, covering every conceivable angle of every store he owns, from the comfort of his own home, and even when he is all the way back in India visiting his family. He has become a cherished customer and friend.